Kaye Bohler

"Big and brassy, bold and sassy, Kaye Bohler is poised to set the blues world on its collective ear with her dynamic voice and penchant for classic blues-flavored soul and R & B. Check out "Like a Flower" and ENJOY!!!!"


Sheryl and Don Crow
Nashville Blues Society

Kaye Bohler

I'm telling ya...!


"I'm telling ya, this lady has more than a little Aretha in her big, beautiful blues belt. She isn't a sound-alike by any means, but she has that kind of power, that kind of nuance and that kind of emotional resonance. Her stylistic range is impressive too. "Wasted On You" opens like a smooth R&B number, but gradually resolves itself into a self-empowering declaration in the "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" class. "Constant State of the Blues" is a mix of thumping blues and 60s soul, pulsing with pain and rhythmic power. As her story gets more and more dire, the edge in her beautiful voice gets sharper and sharper. It becomes clear that nothing, and I mean nothing, can get in her away.."    Read More...


Michael Macomber

April 4, 2011




The Kaye Bohler Band Preforming at the Little Fox Theater Redwood City, Ca.  -  Dec 2011


I Got To Know

Wasted On You

Handle The Curves